Social Generativity data available for research

The Social Generativity Scale was included in the “Relationship in later life” project, that is a longitudinal study investigating bereavement and marital break up in  later life. the SGS was included in wave 2 (2014) and 3 (2016) of the project. Participants were recruited in German and French speaking Switzerland. The majority of the sample […]


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A Social Generativity Scale

Erik Erikson’s theory of human development defines generativity as the concern for the continuation of life after an individual’s death. According to the theory, such a concern has a wide spectrum that ranges from the desire to procreate to the willingness to contribute for the sake of generations that have yet to come, and is […]

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R-package GEOSPACOM now released

Geospacom is a help package for spatial analyses with the R-package spacom. It helps researchers to automatically compute distance matrices between geographical regions, and to plot context data on geographical maps without the help of dedicated  GIS software (e.g., arcGIS, Quantum-GIS, ..). Distance matrices can be computed as the euclidean distance between two points on […]

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New SPACOM realease

The R-package spacom 1.0 has been released and downloadable from the CRAN. This new version fixes sum rough functionalities of the previous one and add functions to create spatially weighted context data when contextual indicators are aggregate estimates derived micro-level (individual) survey data. Aggregation functions can be user-defined or chosen among predefined options, which include […]

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Papers for the ISPP Chicago conference

My papers to be presented at the ISPP conference in Chiacago are now available. You can download them from here: Morselli, D. (2012). Improving Tolerance with Future Time Perspective: A Longitudinal Analysis. 35th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP),Chicago, 6-9 July 2012. download Morselli, D., Pratto, F., Zeineddine, B. F., […]

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A Multilevel Test of the Schwartz Value Structure Published in SMR

The first part of the multilevel test on the structural equivalence of the ten Schwartz value types, presented last year the the ESRA conference, has been published in Survey Research Methods. The article presents the use of multilevel structural equation modelling for corss-country reaserch on values. Some recoamndation to address the well known problem of […]

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