Social Generativity data available for research

The Social Generativity Scale was included in the “Relationship in later life” project, that is a longitudinal study investigating bereavement and marital break up in  later life. the SGS was included in wave 2 (2014) and 3 (2016) of the project. Participants were recruited in German and French speaking Switzerland. The majority of the sample was of Swiss origin (approx. 85%), about 13% was of European (non-Swiss) origin, and 1% of persons was of Asian descent.

A full description of  the research project, sampling and data collection is described here: Hutchison, S., Perrig-Chiello, P., Höpflinger, F., Morselli, D., van Rhee, E. & Spini, D. (2013) Vulnerability and Growth. Developmental dynamics and differential effects of the loss of an intimate partner in the second half of life. Research Report. LIVES Working Paper 2013/23

Data are publicly available to academic researchers  on the FORSBase catalogue


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