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Curriculum Vitae

2011 – …
Senior Researcher (Responsible de Recherche), Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES – Overcoming vulnerability: life course perspectives, University of Lausanne. Switzerland
Collaboration in the day-to-day coordination of the lead project Vulnerability processes in adult life: Cumulative disadvantages, critical events, and socio-psychosocial resources.
Member of the scientific team of the project Vulnerability and growth: Developmental dynamics and differential effects of the loss of an intimate partner in the second life half.
Coordination of 14 research projects developed at the NCCR LIVES and responsibility for liaising with international partners.
Sample design and questionnaire design for surveys being conducted in the context of the NCCR LIVES project.

2009 – 2011
Senior Researcher (Maitre-assistant), Laboratory for Life-Course Studies (LaboPavie), University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Research on the effects of exposure to collective war-victimization
Research on cross-cultural datasets on human values and trust in authority institutions.

2006 – 2008
Lecturing, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Courses on group dynamics for undergraduates and master students

Visiting Researcher, Institute for the Study of Life Trajectories and Life Transitions (PAVIE-ITB), University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Analysis of the Transition to Adulthood and Collective Experience Survey (TRACES) data on ethnic conflict in Former-Yugoslavia

2004 – 2009
Educator and Project coordinator, Centre for the Study and Analysis of Applied Psychology and Sociology (CSAPSA), Bologna, Italy
Fieldwork targeted to adolescents focused on prevention and reduction of drug addiction. Project: Giovani in valle.
Fieldwork with teenage football supporters, aimed at the reduction of violence. Projects: Progetto Ultrà, Anti-Racist World Cup.
Fieldwork targeted to informal groups of adolescents focused on risk reduction of social deviance and exclusion. Projects: Guarda Oltre, Meridiana, Stile Marginale.
Liaising with social services, local police, local administrations, and community members

Junior Researcher, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Research assistant on the cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary project An investigation into forms of peer-peer bullying at school in pre-adolescent and adolescent groups: new instruments and preventing strategies, funded by EU DAPHNE II program.
Responsible for the design of qualitative data collection in Italy and Bosnia.

2003 – 2006
Project Coordinator,  Centre for the Study and Analysis of Applied Psychology and Sociology (CSAPSA), Bologna, Italy
Design of professional courses for mentally and physically disabled teenagers. Projects: Alternation between School, Work and Territory; Competence Development in Situation.

1997 – 2003
Software developer, Anastasis, Bologna, Italy
Developer of multimedia and didactic software for mental and motion disabled individuals.

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