New SPACOM realease

The R-package spacom 1.0 has been released and downloadable from the CRAN. This new version fixes sum rough functionalities of the previous one and add functions to create spatially weighted context data when contextual indicators are aggregate estimates derived micro-level (individual) survey data. Aggregation functions can be user-defined or chosen among predefined options, which include indicators of central tendency (e.g., spatially weighted mean), dispersion (e.g., spatially weighted standard deviation) and inter-group variability (e.g., spatially weighted Gini coefficient for group inequality).

A detailed explanation of the spatial approach and an application with data from the TRACES survey can be found in the working papers Elcheroth, G., Penic, S., Fasel, R., Giudici, F., Glaeser, S., Joye, D., Le Goff, J.-M., Morselli, D., & Spini, D.. (2012)  Spatially weighted context data and their application to collective war experiences . Research Paper. LIVES Working Paper 2012/19


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